Welcome to Future Caledon

The Town of Caledon is creating a new Official Plan – a road map for the next 30+ years. Named Future Caledon, our Official Plan will guide development, housing, transportation, employment, community facilities and more.

Community engagement is an important part of this process! Whether you’re a resident, business owner, or visitor, we want to hear from you. Click the button below to learn more about this project, what is being considered and how you can be involved in creating Caledon’s Official Plan. Start Here button

Future Caledon's - 5 Focus areas

Future Caledon is made up of 5 focus areas. These focus areas include all of the policies, plans and other documents that will be reviewed as part of the Official Plan Process.

Growth, Settlement, Housing and Employment Icon

Growth, Settlement, Housing and Employment 

Learn more about how Future Caledon will determine where and how our communities will develop and grow.  Click here to learn more!

Transportation, Technology, and Infrastructure icon

Transportation, Technology, and Infrastructure

Learn more about how transportation, technology and infrastructure will work to meet the mobility needs of Caledon residents and businesses now and into the future. Click here to learn more!

Natural Resources and Agriculture icon

Natural Resources and Agriculture

Learn more about how Future Caledon will consider recreation, food, aggregates and economic viability. Click here to learn more!

Tourism, Heritage, Healthy Communities and Culture icon

Tourism, Heritage, Healthy Communities and Culture

Learn more about how the Town plans to improve community wellbeing by promoting tourism, heritage and healthy communities.
Click here to learn more!

Climate Change icon

Climate Change

Learn more about how future growth and developments can be environmentally sustainable, low carbon and resilient to climate change impacts. 
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